Why art education is important in Schools

Do you have a budding artist in the family? Does your son or daughter love to draw or paint? Does he constantly pester you for coloring books or art materials? If so, encourage them to continue what he or she is doing. Those meaningless scribbles might be the start of a bright future. Your kid might not become another M. F. Husain or Amrita Sher-Gil but he or she will surely benefit from a good art education.

Unknown to many, a strong art education is important, as it helps children develop skills that they need to be successful in life. Among the many benefits of art education are self-directed learning, improved school attendance and better creative skills. Recent studies have shown that the creativity and innovation used in the artistic process are highly valued by employers.

Creative arts programs play a big role in shaping students self-image and increasing their skills in math, science, geography and language. Early exposure to visual art, music or drama is known to promote brain activity. It encourages learning and helps people understand other subjects easily. Art also promotes creativity and inventiveness and helps develop self-esteem, self-discipline and self-motivation.

But that’s not all. Art activities help kids understand the human experience. It teaches them to respect other people's ways of working and thinking, helps develop creative problem-solving skills, and enables them to communicate their thoughts and ideas in many ways. Unfortunately, the hard times have affected the way people see art. Often, art programs are the first to be sacrificed in implementing cost-cutting measures. Several schools have limited classroom space and art "studios" are mostly found in a cart that is transferred from room to room. This greatly limits the art education that students receive.

How do we solve this problem? Start by encouraging kids to draw. All you need is a pencil and a piece of paper, yet this simple process provides the basis for other creative activities, such as painting and sculpture. Drawing is a direct link to reading, writing and math. This is the most accessible art form available that will go a long way in making your child a better person someday.

There are plenty of art mediums for kids of every age group to discover of course, if we do not have art classes in academic institutions, how else will these children be exposed to these art forms? Besides the ingenuity that art induces, there are lots of other areas of art that will help children learn other activities. For instance, children will become familiar with about mathematical figures by drawing geometric figures. They are going to learn to use proportions to draw scaled down buildings. They'll find out about perspective by making pictures of cities and scenery.

Young people can learn more about wildlife, flora and water by sketching photos of them in class. Classes by themselves could be uninteresting and lifeless without the artistic ingenuity of instructors who use pictures and posters to make their lecture rooms attractive and warm. Children will not learn how to decorate their very own bedrooms and also homes without some contact with artist designs.

Art has a great deal to do with style and design, and however some art may be artistic, other artistic representations, for instance computer design and geometric design, call for know-how about which sort of design and format. Geometric shapes along with other design elements can be found in math classes, and understanding how geometric designs fit together allows learners realize geometry with regards to math.

Art involves discussion of pieces. In art lessons, individuals may well talk about different designs and the things they look like. Discussion is developed around different ideas in art classes. Discussion is also crucial in other areas of education. Students need to discover how to express by themselves to be able to do well in things such as debate, social studies and speech courses. The discussion which goes together with natural art courses is important to these things.

To take an art class, younger school children can find a time to wind down his or her brain. So young are these school children they are not able to properly handle a school day fraught with math and also language classes. It's at that time too heavy a burden for them to keep. As it is by now a convention to feature physical exercises in to the daily school life to unwind and improve student's body, isn't it required to consider that people likewise incorporate art to relax and clear up their mind? So, they could relieve their negative feelings, including anxiety and fury, built up in busy school days. As a result, using art along with those core programs will certainly improve the mental progression of younger school children.


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