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The art of choosing the best school for our kids

Education remains the top priority of every parent in their children's life. All of us want our kids to receive a good education that will help them live a comfortable life as they get older. Starting the kids early when it comes to schooling is important to help mold their brains even as early as three years old. However, how can we make sure we Choose the best school for our kids? Should it be based on who has the glossiest brochure or which one has the most children enrolled? Pretty photographs on brochures are attractive as it gives a sense of comfort towards the school. A nice uniform makes kids look polished. A big playground gives the impression that the school lets the students get active with their classmates. What is a good way to tell if it is the Perfect School for your child? A good tour of the school is a must. It is probably best to visit the school during class hours to get a feel of how the teachers and the children are in class. Observe how the teachers

The importance of schooling in shaping children's future

Education is more than an investment. Gone are the days when parents and families decided upon the school based on closeness to home, strict budget and from friend’s opinions. Today it is all about researching about a school and finding out information themselves and through its status both online and offline. Traditional schooling emphasises on studies and had minor support for co-curricular activities whereas present-day schooling and education gives equal importance to academics and extracurricular activities. How many percentages of parents will be prepared to decide a School where overall development of children is focused upon rather than treating kids as rank-procuring machines? Although many may say that when choosing a primary school or a matriculation school, children's on the whole development is the parent’s concern, they certainly do not want to let go of the top priority for academics. However, some parents are creating a change in there mindset, a shift