How to Teach Kids to Love Learning

How can parents and teachers keep the love of learning alive in students and children? Every parent and teacher knows there is nothing as annoying as dealing with a young person who refuses to learn. What is more sad to observe, than a young one who rolls his or her eyes and clams up at the mention of an academic subject? First of all, learning should start early and never be restricted to the walls of the classroom. 
Parents, who test their children with good books, hands-on-projects and fun learning games, put their children into the field of learning early. These kinds of parents show that learning can be fun. Research always shows, that the more fun a learner has, the more easily the subject matter will be remembered.
Having fun when learning, holds up in the classroom, too. Giving students a variety of learning techniques keeps students involved and interested. For example, when teaching earth science, there are many ways to inspire student’s imaginations. Projects, outings, mov…

How to help your child in developing good study habits

In order to continue the good study habits as long as possible, the habits should be developed in their young age establish to begin with. It's never too early to set up your child to positive study habits, which will repayment his or her actions throughout life. As parents, useful techniques must be studied in order to further the development of our children.
Become well established role models
Developing well established study habits for a child begins with parents. Just like the old adage, "it's not what you say, it's what you conduct." Well established study habits should begin at a very young age; when a child is one to two years of age, he or she is ready to begin training in acquiring well established study habits. The initial lessons begin with his or her observing parents at work modelling well established study habits.
Install the love of studying
Let the child understand that studying is fun. Long before the child begins school, parents should begin t…

Change your child's life with these successful educational strategies

Parents are always looking for a better way to support with the education of their children. To encourage children, parents must first be motivated to help their children learn. The few strategies provided here is a good start to make sure that children successfully operate the educational system.
Reading- Parents should start reading for their children at a very early age. Reading should be motivated all times. Children should have a library card and visit books stores on a frequent schedule. Parents can have children learn a poem or a small speech to help keep their mind sharp and ready for reading.
Homework- A homework timetable should be developed for children, including what time to do homework each day, how much time should be devoted to homework each day and where in the house to do homework. In addition, if the school doesn't provide a homework assignment on any given day then the parent should develop homework assignments. Reading is always suitable for homework.
Home Organi…

How to help your children to do their homework

Being a parent is not an easy job especially when given the fact that you have to try to provide your child with the best all the time. On the other hand, society is demanding a lot from the young people and the pressure for achievement on them is vast. This is especially related to education - the school programs are tougher than ever before and the children are expected to do much more work in order to be successful in life. In such a condition it is only natural for parents to want to help their kids beneficially so that they can make the most out of the chance for education they are given.
Parents want to help their children in any way they can, but sometimes it is hard to know how to best help when they get easily irritated with homework and are possibly stressed in school. Here are some helpful tips on how to best get your child occupied and to make homework feel like less of a task, while also being helpful and beneficial for your child's learning and understanding.

How rhymes and poems can help children learn in primary schools

Primary school forms a very important stage of a child's development.  As such it is important that teachers and parents do all they can to make sure that their children get the best out of this time so that they can develop to their full potential. One way that this can be encouraged is through using primary Schoolrhymes as teaching resources.
Songs for children can have a variety of benefits and different ones can help with different things. Some may be a bit of fun and encourage participation while others can role as an active memory support to help children retain information or learn by association.
Benefits of primary school rhymes and poems
Songs for kids carry a wide range of benefits. They can help improve:
Memory - learning songs contextualises things, so teaching a particular subject or fact through primary school songs is a great way to help children learn and remember things. Actively engaging children to sing about certain a topic is likely to encourage them to retain…

Importance of art and craft for kids in school curriculum

All children are artists, while some build up their skills to great extents others simply get past the first level. Hence it is all up to parents and teachers to encourage their children towards art. As in the words of Albert Einstein, "Imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world." The different kids craft ideas must be essentially included in the School Curriculum as it helps the children to explore and create without worrying about the ended product. Thus with the help of the various craft ideas the children, are able to discover, experiment, make mistakes and learn from them.
They are also able to try new ideas on their own which gives them vast self confident. These crafty ideas also let the children enjoy the excitement of the creative processes. In fact, there is no right way or wrong way for the projects to turn out when it comes to the kids; it is just the enjoyable pleasant process of the exp…

Character education for kids in School

Many teachers began adapting a new technique of teaching called character education. This helps give confidence to a happy young child that grows into a fully efficient and capable adult. Many people feel that we need to begin providing our children an education that helps them build skills, life strategies and character that help them grow into completely proficient, independent citizens. Many schools try to include character education into the regular curriculum.
The responsibility, fairness, trustworthiness, respect, caring for others, and citizenship should be included in the character education. Responsible behaviours, empathy and faithfulness are fundamental to these qualities. Character is a must for society and our culture to continue.
It plays a very important role in the development of healthy self esteem. Young children need to be able to persist in the face of difficulty, solve problems, behave respectfully and respond properly to situations in order to become flexible an…